Healthy breakfast recipes.

In the previous blog post we described a few basic principles that we like to use in the planning of our breakfast – we hope it inspired you!

Here are a few more recipes and ideas on how to combine a healthy breakfast that saturates you and gives you a great start of your day.

The following three recipes have an excellent nutritional value and are all recipes that we use ourselves.

Healthy pancakes:

2 bananas (ripe), 3 eggs, a big handful of coconut flour, 2 handfuls of oatmeal (replace with almond flour if you’re going for a gluten-free option), 1 cup of frozen or fresh blueberries, ½ tsp. vanilla powder, pinch of salt. Wisk all the ingredients in a bowl. The dough should be fairly liquid. Heat up a pan, add butter, coconut oil or olive oil and fry the dough in small portions. Throw a large handful of fresh berries and an avocado on top.

Tip: Make a double or triple portion so you have for the next few days.

Chia pudding: The evening before: mix 2 cups of coconut or almond milk, 2/3 cup of chia seeds and ½ tsp. vanilla powder. Make sure to stir around. Place in the fridge overnight.

Morning: Chop a handful of nuts (almonds, walnuts, brazilian nuts or whatever you have).

Sprinkle nuts, a large handful of blueberries, a handful of coconut flakes and cinnamon on top of the fresh, cold and nutritious chia pudding.

Gourmet breakfast platé: 2-3 boiled eggs, 2-3 slices of grain-free bread (homemade or buy in health stores), 1 avocado, 1 bell pepper, 1 grapefruit, salt and pepper.

Boil the eggs, peel and halve them. Place them on the grain-free bread. Mash the avocado with a fork and put on top of the eggs. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Served with bell pepper sticks and peeled grapefruit.

Tip for the grain-free bread: bake your own bread once a week, cut it up and throw it in the freezer. Take it out an hour before you need it and it is ready for use.

The internet is booming with delicious recipes of grain-free bread! Find your favourite.

The easiest breakfast: Buy a piece of smoked trout filet (available in most supermarkets).

Place on a plate with 2 sliced of grain-free bread, a large handful of raspberries, a handful of almonds/walnuts, a large handful of spinach, 1 cucumber and 1 sliced bell pepper.

Some of us think of breakfast as the most important meal of the day. Still, it is my impression that the greatest part of people spends more time and energy on their lunch and especially dinner. For me, the three meals are equally important. Therefore I spend the same amount of time preparing them. For those of you who does not have as much time available in the mornings versus evenings, begin to plan.

Tip if you have little time; do your groceries when it is best for you and shop food so you have enough for the next few days. If you are working early mornings and have the evenings off then try to make it a habit to prepare your breakfast/lunch in the evening.

ENJOY and let us know what you think!

Isa – nutritionist

Healthy breakfast part II

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